Residential Waste Cooking Oil Recycling

Don’t waste that precious waste cooking oil by pouring it down the drain.  Why not turn it into environmentally friendly Bio-diesel instead?


-          Down the drain, it causes costly clogged-up pipes, and pollutes the waterways

-          When converted to biofuel, it reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, thereby lowers our carbon footprint


1.       Save your waste cooking oil (liquid only) in a strong plastic container with a secure lid.  (The original oil container works well; yogurt containers don’t.)

2.       Deposit it at any of our Residential Waste Oil Collection Bins, and we’ll process it into biofuel.

-           Please use containers with secure lids only.  Original oil containers and containers with twist on lids are permitted.  Due to breakage, we do not accept anything in GLASS containers.  Do not place any oil in containers with loose fitting lids such as yogurt or margarine tubs.  We accept LIQUID OIL only, fats and grease drippings can be recycled as compost in green bins, do not drop into this bin.


-          Cowichan Bay, in the Pier 66 Liquor Store and Market parking lot

-          Ladysmith, in front of the public works yard, 330 – 6th Ave

-          All 3 CVRD waste transfer stations:  Bings Creek, Meade Creek, Peerless Road

What are the stats?

-          In the CVRD, an estimated 140,000 kg of waste cooking oil is poured down the drain each year

-          This results in an estimated $120,000 cost for water pipe clogs and repairs

-          If turned into biofuel, we’d reduce our carbon footprint by 316 tonnes per year


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