Alternative Energy Solutions - Teaming up for Research & Development

Cowichan Energy Alternatives is excited to announce its participation in its (3rd) Job Creation Partnership Program that will run between January and July 2013.

The 2013 program has two objectives. The primary objective is to provide eligible participants with work experience and skills that will enable them to secure on-going employment. The secondary objective is to map solar, wind, and micro-hydro potential in communities in and around the Cowichan Valley.

In order to achieve these objectives, CEA will provide participants experience in research and data gathering specific to wind, solar, and micro-hydro. Not only will the participants gain solid skills and experiences that will lead to employment in the growing renewable energy field, their work will also further CEA’s mission to empower local citizens to actively adopt sustainable energy practices and technologies.

The JCP team has an All Star crew this year and is made up of the following people

                                              Brian Roberts 


Brian Roberts brings a diverse range of experiences in the environmental field and has worked in government, the private sector, academia, co-operatives, and non-profit organizations. His passion for community renewable energy led to the creation of the Cowichan Bio-Diesel Co-op, where he is President, and the Cowichan Energy Alternatives, where he is the Executive Director



                                              Wes Hyde


Wesley Hyde is a founding member of the Viridian Energy Co-operative which has a mandate to provide the best services and products which optimize energy use and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels by using a co-operative, community-empowering business structure. He helps train JCP staff and provides additional support when needed. 

                                               Kealan Gell


Kealan is the project supervisor. He is a JCP graduate who has been working in the Renewable Energy Field for the last 6 years. He completed a Masters in Agricultural Engineering in Holland. While he is not leading the team, he builds biogas systems for houses.



                                            Jaroslaw Kapela


Jaroslaw or “Jerry” has worked in the construction industry for the last many years and is looking to change careers. He brings to the program a solid technical and hands on experience and is looking forward to learning more about renewable energy.



Jesse Eckert


Jesse completed a Masters of Environmental Science, Policy and Management and has been working in the environmental field since he graduated. He is very interested in helping communities participate in the generation and ownership of renewable energy projects. He is looking forward getting outside and getting more hands on experience.



                                           Vaughan James Good


Vaughan is our little bro. Since he graduated high school he has cooked in various restaurants, operated heavy machinery and has experience installing septic fields. He also has worked in steel fabrication shops and has a strong interest in renewable energy.







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