City of Duncan achieves CARBON NEUTRALITY for 2012 through the new Community Carbon Marketplace



Duncan, BC, April 8, 2013

Council for the City of Duncan is pleased to announce it has achieved Carbon neutrality for 2012 by investing in 138 tonnes of Community Carbon Credits in a successful pilot with the newly created Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM), a home-grown community-based alternative for emissions offsetting.  

The CCM is an appealing alternative in the evolving Carbon market as it functions as a “micro-exchange.” CCM is accessible by community-based greenhouse gas (GHG) initiatives and local governments, and directs offsetting dollars to invest in the development of a local low-Carbon green economy to balance communities for a healthy planet.

 “It is exactly what we were hoping to be able to do with our Carbon Neutral Commitment; support local carbon reduction initiatives, instead of having those monies spent elsewhere.”   

- Phil Kent, Mayor of Duncan

The City of Duncan agreed to participate in a pilot as the first municipality to balance it GHG emissions through the CCM entirely from local GHG reduction initiatives. These Community Carbon Credits were purchased from the emissions reductions of the Cowichan Bio-Diesel Co-op, Vancouver Island Salt Co., Greasecycle Inc., Cowichan Recyclists and The Cowichan Land Trust listed through the CCM, the first online community Carbon market in North America.

Participating organizations responded to a call by the City for locally-produced Carbon credits and Cowichan Energy Alternatives Society (CEA), acting as qualified third party, then developed a shortlist of eligible projects on the CCM for the City to choose from.  Credits from qualified projects not selected by the City are still eligible for investment following the official public launch of the CCM.

“This Community Carbon Marketplace initiative will provide a foundation to help grow the local low-carbon economy, generating a multiplier effect with ongoing benefits accruing within the community. We believe the end result will be greener, healthier, more resilient communities.”

Peter de Verteuil, Director of Finance – City of Duncan

The Community Carbon Marketplace is an initiative of Cowichan Energy Alternatives (CEA), a community non-profit organization.  The purpose of CCM is to provide environmentally conscious municipalities, businesses and individuals an easy approach to balance their greenhouse gas emissions by investing in Community Carbon Credits from locally-based green initiatives.  The CCM provides an accessible, transparent investment vehicle for contributing to the success of green initiatives that have the greatest potential for making a difference. CCM aims to set an ethical precedent in the BC Carbon market that true sustainability is about acting locally and thinking globally.  As expressed by Brian Roberts, Executive Director – Cowichan Energy Alternatives Society.

“This is exactly the way I believe the carbon market should be working: supporting a paradigm-shift to a truly sustainable, globally-minded economy in a way that increases the viability of renewable alternatives at a local level"



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