1% for the Planet Non-Profit Partner

Cowichan Energy Alternatives has been approved as a 1% for the Planet Non-Profit Partner

Currently, over 1,300 businesses worldwide make up the 1% for the Planet membership, pledging that impressive amount to environmental organizations each year. 1% FTP is a powerful way for businesses to help drive positive environmental change, gain recognition for their responsibility, and promote further action on the part of consumers and other companies.

Each of our members has made a commitment that extends far beyond the balance sheet. Because of them, our oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, deserts and lowlands are healthier and better protected every day.

Becoming a 1% FTP member is not only good for the natural environment—it’s also good for business. Every member company has the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the rest of our membership, foster new business relationships, connect with likeminded individuals and share ideas and resources. Nowhere else will you find such a vast network of successful businesses across multiple industries, all working toward solving the environmental crisis, 1% at a time.

Please visit 1% For the Planet and donate generously to our efforts empowering local citizens  to actively adopt sustainable energy practices and technologies that will encourage better living and  reduce Greenhouse Gases. CEA is dedicated to developing financially practical sustainable solutions that  can be done now with current technology. Following the establishment of the Cowichan Biofuel facility  at Bing’s Creek, CEA and partners the Cowichan Bio-Diesel Co-op and the Cowichan Valley Regional District now operate the first biodiesel blending station on the Island. CEA is also involved in other low-carbon initiatives including solar projects and the creation of the Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM). The CCM is a community-based carbon exchange to enable local governments, businesses and individuals to meet carbon reduction goals by purchasing offsets from community-based projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build community resilience. 

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